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An introduction to the "Australian Silky Terrier"

The Silky is a relatively new breed from Australia, Ancestry is a little unsure but it is known that the Australian Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier played major parts. The Silky is a lively little dog, with a big heart; he is a toy terrier. His demands are small, mainly being your company, Silky's love people and are ideal for all ages.

Exercise: They will make do with a romp round your house and the garden, or they have the energy to walk for miles, you will tire before they do. They love to play.

Coat:His coat is similar to our hair. The coat will not moult or carry any of the usual doggy smells, it grows to about 5 inches in length, not to the floor as the Yorkie. A daily brush and comb will keep his coat looking good, and a shower/bath when necessary, the attention of a beauty parlor, is not required. The coat is parted down the spine hanging straight down each side of the body from the nose to tail. The feet, ears, muzzle and tail are free of long hair. They are trimmed using thinning scissors or hand plucked to reveal a smart clean appearance. As such they are ideal for people who have asthma or other allergies.

Colour: Born very dark blue (black to the novice eye) except for tan feet, spots above each eye and under body, they look very similar to Yorkshire Terrier puppy. By eighteen months of age this dark blue gradually changes (known as breaking colour) to become a blue coat. The top of the head (known as the top-knot) becomes silver or blond. The standard calls for rich colours.

Size: He is approximately 9 lb. in weight and stands about 9 inches tall at the shoulders. The body length is slightly longer than he is tall, big enough to endure the requirements of a dog without being too big or heavy to be picked up and carried. They are classified as a toy dog with the Kennel Club,being still a rare breed they, as yet, not received Challenge Certificates, so although shown in their own classes at most Championship shows they cannot gain the Championship status. The breed club applies annually to the Kennel Club for these.

Feeding: They are very easy to feed and do not require any special attention. Most show dogs are fed a Complete Diet eg. Beta,Omega,Hill's Science Diet. As these foods contain all the requirements, supplements are not required.

Health of the Silky: There are no known health defects in dogs in Great Britain, Australia, America and Canada.

The Breed Club

The Australian Silky Club of Great Britain holds two Open shows per year, one in April followed by our Annual General Meeting, the second in October followed by our Breed Seminar. The venue is the Crowsfoot Community Centre, Nantwich, Crewe. Visitors are always welcome.

Details of Silky, its Club, becoming a member or anything to do with the Silky contact our A.S.T.C. Secretary

Miss Anne Marshall


Whiteholme Road



Lancs FY5 3HX

Tel/fax 01253 868175


Anne is always willing to talk about the lovable Silky

Our April show and AGM will take place on 13 th April 2003

The Secretary asks for items of interest for our newslatter "Update" to be sent to her as soon as possible.

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